Our TFC Background:

We are the first authorized TFC Canada Dealer by ABS-CBN Canada to serve all of Canada as a channel of distributing TFC The Filipino Channel IPTV Video on Demand and TFC.tv.  We have excellent track record in providing quality and excellent customer service when ordering TFC The Filipino Channel TV services since 2009. We have received excellence awards such as Top Agent of Year since 2009 to up last year. We were one of Top TFC Dealers chosen to represent Canada on Global Dealers Excellence Award (GDEA) in early 2014.  

We have dedicated TFC Dealers just working on TFC, making sure that orders are processed well and professionally handled from the day of inquiry to the day of activation. Our goal is to provide quality service to all Filipinos and non-Filipinos who would want TFC on their home or facility through our excellent and friendly and helpful hotline number and online order sites.  You need TFC, we are to help.

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 Getting Help For TFC Services

Please contact our TFC Customer Service and Support Hotline for issues that are "not order related or non referral related" at:

1-855-832-2632 (Choose TFC then choose IPTV)

Ordering TFC Services

If you need to order or would like to refer a friend and family, please contact TFC Order hotline at:




















TFC-Canada.com is not official website of TFC Canada or TFC by ABS-CBN Canada though we are official and the authorized TFC Canada Dealer since 2009